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Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 7:30 PM MDT
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× Pumphouse Theatre presents
Common Ground VI Festival
June 22 - 30, 2023

Tickets are $30 General Admission
Each evening will be approximately 2hrs in length, and range between 2-3 shows per night.


Show Descriptions

LOVE STRUCK by Conrad Belau
On an ordinary day, a meteor hits a building. Trapped on the top floor is hopeful publishing Aiden and ambitious intern Bobbi. While they wait for their impending doom, Bobbi agrees to a first date with Aiden, should they survive. Five years later, Aiden and Bobbi are in a loving but mundane relationship. In an effort to rekindle the spark of how their relationship started, they decide to take on a series of “firsts”. First date, first kiss and first “I love you”. But can love strike twice?
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Aida Cupcake Presents: Drag Me Kicking and Screaming (Why You Shouldn’t Do Musical Theatre and Why I Did Anyway)
You may have seen the critically acclaimed “Drag Me To The Opera,” well this new show is a companion piece, a prequel if you will. Peer a little deeper into my past as I take a foray into the musicals and the moments that dragged me kicking and screaming through life.
Genre: Musical

Cats and Other Miscellaneous Pleasures by Angie Bustos
A short dramatic play about how it is the simple pleasures in life that make life worth living. Like petting your cat and getting to know a stranger on a random rooftop.
Genre: Drama

From amiskwacîwâskahikan
(Treaty 6 Territory, Edmonton, AB)
In Norse mythology, Valkyries decide who lives and who dies in battle. This Anishnaabe and Cree emcee decides who wins and loses musically, Valkyrie thrives as a one-woman force that isn’t to be reckoned with. She is the granddaughter of a Residential school survivor and the daughter of a sixties scoop survivor and is a survivor of the child welfare system herself. She recognizes the healing power of music and uses her skills as a lyricist to build community through storytelling. Giving voice to harsh but relatable topics such as growing up In group care, MMIWG, alcoholism, and Intergenerational effects, with songs like U.I.Q and Take Control. She Intends to use both her education and music to Inspire and work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth. Valkyrie also brings a sound that you can dance, sing and vibe too! all genres come into play with songs such as Overdue, 6 AM and her remix collection. You can find her debut album “Postponed” on all platforms, along with her latest single “Shut it Down” featuring Pooky G & Crystle Lightning out now. Valkyrie is currently working on her follow up EP.
Genre: Music

Music as Puppetry by James Watson and Jocelyn Mah
Composer/ Violinst James Watson and Dance Artist Jocelyn Mac join forces to present a music-movement-mask collaboration! The first half of the work is a contemporary exploration of the qualities of each musical key based on a historical text published in 1682. The second section draws on elements of swing, mask work, theatre and above all, a sense of light heartedness
Genre: Physical Theatre

Battle Armour by Bridgette Boyko
A story of war and resilience told through dance and monologue
Genre: Dance

Chapter 8 by The Daniel Pelton Collective
A dramatic reading of the eight chapter of Douglas Adams’ novel “Life the Universe and Everything” set to original music by Daniel Pelton
Genre: Dramatic Reading

Shakthi Shethrayala by Shakthi Ganesh
Bharatanatyam is a 2000-year old Indian classic art that is nearly extinct today. Originating in Tamil Nadu, India, Bharatanatyam is one of the eight Indian Classical dances incorporating solid facial expressions and footwork to express Hindu stories.
Genre: Dance

If You Don’t Find This Funny, You’re Wrong by Jason Melnychuk
With original music, comedy, circus, puppetry and physical theatre, Jason leads the audience through exploration of the relationship between intellect, emotion, comedy and absurdity culminating in a climactic revelation about the power of silliness and joy!
Genre: Physical Theatre, Circus

Riverona Episode 1: Two Houses by Full Circle Theatre
It’s all about dirty affairs, tortured longing and murder in this gritty teen drama parody of Romeo and Juliet
Genre: Comedy

Potent Poetry by Lightning Anderson
A pretty kickass poet falling somewhere between spoken word and theatre rap. Topics include crappy Tinder dates, second hand trauma, relationships with bartenders, solidarity, sexual trauma, writing and career exploration are some of the explored topics
Genre: Poetry

The Funny Thing About OCD by Sarah Tonin
This comedy and wannabe poetry show will show the very funny side of OCD from “Sarah Tonin”, the neurotransmitter depleted drag queen you never knew you needed.
Genre: Poetry, Drag

I AM by AJ Kluck
I have a set of poetry I would like to share! It’s thinking about my identity, cultural reconnection, my family, my love and my future. I am mixing my native language with prose and storytelling.
Genre: Poetry


Pumphouse Theatre
Victor Mitchell Theatre
2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW
Calgary AB T3C 3P5


This is a general admission performance - the seats are on a first come, first serve basis when you arrive at the venue.

Doors open 1/2 hour prior to start of performance.